Women and Gender Studies Program

WGS Student Presentations at Thinking Matters on Friday, April 25

Eryn Howe presenting at TM 2013

Members of the Women and Gender Studies Program Capstone class will be presenting their thesis and internship papers at the USM Thinking Matters, a one-day, once-a-year conference, that is a capstone that reflects what's going on all year long in departments all across campus on April 25th. The WGS student presentations will be held from 12:15-4:30PM in room 201 of Payson Smith Hall on the Portland Campus.


Women and Gender Studies #1


Jessica Benn – Representations of Gender and Sexuality in the Young Adult Trilogy, The Hunger Games
Gabrielle DeRice – Challenges Facing LGBTQ Representation in Children’s Literature
Kelsea Anne Dunham – Student Leadership and Burnout
Samantha Lyman – Immigration Reform: A Mainer’s Perspective

Women and Gender Studies #2

1:45 – 3:00

Melissa Fitta McGrath – Are Women Satisfied with their Childbirth Experiences? A Qualitative Content Analysis
Carly Jacques – Incarcerated Women, Nontraditional Vocational Training Programs, and Recidivism Rates
Olivia Meyer – Intimate Partner Violence, Violence Against Women, and Sexual Violence
Anne Meub – Domestic Violence Policies in Rural Maine: Protective or Patronizing?

Women and Gender Studies #3

3:15 – 4:30

Paige Elizabeth Barker – Add Queers and Stir? A Queer, Ecofeminist Exploration of Food Justice
Sam Torrey Fisher – Art Space: The Politics of Space and Production of Marginalized Thought
Caroline O’Connor – Out and Allied: The Performance