Women and Gender Studies Program

Women & Gender Studies Affiliated Scholar, Shelton Waldrep working on Bowie Book

Shelton Waldrep

Shelton Waldrep, Professor of English and Women & Gender Studies Affiliated Scholar, is working on a new book for which he has received a contract from Bloomsbury. Entitled "Future Nostalgia: Performing David Bowie" this study is an attempt at a much-overdue intervention into our understanding of David Bowie and his multifaceted influence on a number of media and art forms. By looking at key moments in his career (1972, 1977-79, 1980-83, and 1995-97) through several lenses—theories of sub-culture (Dick Hebdige and others), gender/sexuality studies, theories of sound (Barthes, Frith), post-colonial theory, and performance studies (in the art-historical sense)—his new book will attempt to make sense of Bowie's work in terms not only of his auditory output but his many reinterpretations of it via music videos, concert tours, television appearances, and occasional movie roles.