Accelerated Graduate Pathways

Accelerated Graduate Pathway to Law: Undergraduate Course Progressions

Our Accelerated Graduate Pathway to the University of Maine School of Law allows you to complete both a Bachelor's and a JD degree in as few as six years, rather than the usual seven. During your final year of undergraduate study, if you meet progress requirements and Law School admissions standards, you can begin taking graduate-level Law courses. These courses will satisfy credit requirements for your undergraduate program as well as the first year of the Law program. You’ll save up to 30 credits worth of undergraduate fees, tuition, and expenses.

This means that you’ll complete your undergraduate major credit requirements at the University of Southern Maine in 3 years, rather than the usual 4. This involves a rigorous full-time course schedule. Our Sample Course Progressions, below, illustrate what your undergraduate course schedule could look like, depending on your major.

Sample Course Progressions by Undergraduate Major