Student Activities & Involvement

Student Organization Contact and Meeting Information Form

Please use this form to keep your organization's contact information up-to-date with the Board of Student Organizations and Student Activities Office. 

To be considered active for the Spring 2019 semester, we must recieve your group information via this form. Questions? Contact

General Contact Information
Example: - if you don't have a general group contact email - please leave this blank
Officer Information
First and Last
First and Last
First and Last
First and Last
Faculty/Staff Advisor
All student organizations are required to have a USM faculty or staff advisor. If you do not have one, please enter "N/A" in the fields below. You will be contacted with a process for getting an advisor for your group.
Example: Political Science, Professor
Meeting Information
If you do not know your meeting information for the current semester, please leave blank for now. Contact once you have your meeting time/location/frequency.