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Involvement Coaching

Some of your most memorable moments at USM will be the time spent with other students being engaged in work that you truly care about. So don’t wait to get involved!

Through a 1-on-1 coaching session with a trained Involvement Coach, you will understand available resources on campus, develop a plan to gain co-curricular skills and get connected to the campus community. The idea is to connect you to one or two opportunities outside the classroom based on a conversation of what your experiences have been, and what you would like to do in the future.These sessions vary in length depending on your interests, but will generally last 30 minutes.

To schedule a session, stop by the Campus Life Office in Brooks Student Center or fill out our webform.

 USM Leadership Academy

Joing together with students from SMCC in a day long leadership summit, with a action packed agenda including a Keynote presentation from a nationally recognized leader.  Break out sessions will provide development opportunities for personalized learning accross 8 different competency areas.  

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Campus Traditions

Student Centers

Student Government Association

Fitness & Recreation

Community and Family Programming

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Campus Traditions

  • Greek Week 

    • Each year the Office of Greek Life hosts a week of festivities for members of the university community where Greek Letter Organizations compete to be the Greek Week Champions!
  • Husky Festival

    • Husky Festival occurs the first week of campus each year, as a great resource for students to learn about all that USM has to offer!  Follow the Paw Prints on the Portland campus for what is sure to be a spectacular time!
  • Husky Day of Service

    • Every spring, USM students, staff and faculty participate in Husky Day of Service by engaging in community service projects with local organizations for the day.
  • Family and Friends Weekend

    • Each Fall the USM student clubs and organizations participate in activities to show off the great work our students do.  There are also free family-friendly events!
  • Senior Week

    • Senior Week occurs every spring to celebrate all that the graduating class has achieved.  From the USM Night at the Sea Dogs to a Casco Bay Lines cruise there is plenty to do for celebration!


Student Centers

  • Veterans Resource Center

    • The Veterans Resource Center is here to support out USM students who are veterans as well as their families during the transition to college life.
  • Multicultural Center

    • The Multicultural Student Center provides a supportive environment on campus where cultural activities and events occur as well as meetings for its affiliated student organizations.
  • Center for Sexualities & Gender Diversity

    • The Center for Sexualities & Gender Diversity provides a supportive and safe environment for the LGBTQA community at USM.  The center is here to ensure a university environment that is positive, safe and supportive for individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities 
  • Wellness Resource Center

    • The Wellness Resource Centers, or The Wells, focusing on the holistic concept of health involving financial, sexual, physical, spiritual, cultural, emotional, intellectual, social, and environmental health.


Student Government Association (SGA)

  • Student Senate

    • Student Senate is an organization that makes sure the students voices are heard.  Meeting weekly, the student senate discusses ideas, recomendations, and resolutions that support the student community.
  • Board of Student Organizations (50+Orgs)

    • The Board of Student Organizations, or BSO, is an entity under senate that makes sure there is communication between student organizations and sponsors student programs to benefit student organizations.
  • Portland Events Board (PEB)

    • The Portland Events Board, or PEB, hosts free events for USM's commuter population on the Portland Campus.  From pancake breakfasts to guest speakers these events are sure to draw a crowd.
  • Gorham Campus Activities Board (G-CAB)

    • The Gorham Campus Activities Board, or G-CAB, host free events for USM's residential population on the Gorham Campus.  From Prize Bingo to Stress Relief these events are always a great way to relax and unwind.
  • Outdoor Adventures Board (OAB)

    • The Outdoor Adventures Board, or OAB, host events off campus that bring USM students out into nature.  From ziplining to white water rafting, you're in for an adventure.
  • USM Free Press

    • USM Free Press is the official student newspaper that publishes community news stories for the Gorham, Portland, and Lewiston-Auburn campuses.
  • WMPG Radio Station

    • WMPG is the official campus radio station broadcasting on 90.9 as well as streaming online.  With student and faculty shows as well as great music, there's always something to listen to.
  • Leadership Development Board

    • The Leadership Development Board , or LDB, is a group of students and staff who work together to support the student leaders at USM.


Fitness & Recreation

  • Intramural Sports

    • Intramural Sports at USM provides athletic activites for USM students.  These activites are often the student favorites and sometimes include dodgeball, floor hockey, or ultimate frisbee.
  • Sullivan Fitness Complex

    • The Sullivan Fitness Complex is a recreation and fitness facility that houses two fitness centers and the main gym for the Portland Campus.
  • Costello Fitness Complex

    • The Costello Fitness Complex is a recreation and fitness facility that houses the fitness center, an olympic sized ice hockey rink, the field house, and the main gym for the Gorham Campus.
  • NCAA Division III Athletics

    • USM has 22 Division III athletic teams that compete against colleges in the division in events such as the Little East Conference and the Division III World Series.
  • Group Fitness Classes

    • USM offers group fitness classes on the Gorham and Portland campuses varying from yoga to zumba.
  • Fan Experience Committee

    • The Fan Experience Committee is a group of students and staff who meet to come up with ideas to best serve the fans.


Community & Family Programming

  • Portland Chamber Eggs & Issues

    • The Portland Chamber Eggs & Issues is a community forum where students are invited to join the Portland community and discuss business issues in the region.
  • New Year Gorham Committee

    • The New Year Gorham Committee helps plan and organize parades and performances to help celebate the new year.
  • Kids on Campus Event Series

    • Kids on campus is an program put on by the University of Southern Maine focused on engaging the members of our community with families and children! Bring the entire family for an day of fun with Campus Life.
  • Community Movie Showings


More Resources

  • Greek Life

    • Greek Life at USM consist of four Greek Letter Organizations.  These groups participate in philanthropic fundraisers and community service projects to help better the community.
  • Student Conduct Committee

    • The Student Conduct Committee, or SCC is the hearing board that is responsible for reviwing cases from students who have been sanctioned by a conduct officer for violations of the Student Conduct Code.
  • Academic Honor Societies

    • The Phi Kappa Phi national Honor Society encourages and supports academics across all disciplines, and is one of the most selective honor societies in the country.
    • The Kappa Alpha Omicron is an international interdisciplinary honor society that supports students across many disciplines with their work regarding the environment.
  • Students & Recovery Meetings

    • Students & Recovery is an empowerment based peer support group that fosters the possibility of personal growth by embracing all pathways to recovery and building connections to the community.
  • Community & Service Learning

    • USM offers an increasing number of service-learning courses, in which students, faculty, and community organizations work together to address community-identified needs. 
  • Residence Hall Event Boards

    • The Residence Hall Event Boards plan events within each residence hall to build the community and help students to meet new people.
  • Resident Assistant Programming

    • Resident Assistants will host programs in their building to help better the sense of community and bring people together.  These are great occasions to learn how to get involved and meet new people.
  • Federal Worksudy Positions

    • The Federal Workstudy Program provides work study funded job oppurtunities to USM students.  If you have recieved work study funds you can apply for a work study position and gain real life work experience while continuing your class work.


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