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Insights into the USM Community: Jim Rand, Station Manager at WMPG

1) What is the best kept secret at USM?

 I hope it is not WMPG but if you aren't familiar with WMPG check out our web page at You can listen at 90.9 or 104.1fm on the radio or on your computer via our web page.

 2) What is your favorite show on WMPG?

OK - trick question here...I do enjoy "Land of the Losot" which just happens to be my own radio show heard Thursday afternoons from 3-5pm. It is part of our 3-5pm "indie-revolutions" rock block heard weekdays.  I play old psych, punk, garage and acid rock. Some people like to call it weirdo music. I just like it.

 3) Do students get opportunities to learn/work at WMPG? If so how?

 Oh yea. We have work-study opportunities plus any USM student can get trained to do community radio for free. Currently we have more than 200 volunteers programming their own shows every week! If you don't have the time to do a program just listen in. Radio is the easiest media to access and we offer such a varied schedule of music and public affairs that every time you tune into WMPG you will likely learn something new. Our programming staff is aged 6 to 82 and we have programs in many languages including Russian, Spanish, French and Cambodian.

 4) Tell me about your favorite place to go in the area.

 I like to go to area beaches and swim! Reid State Park is fun with the large waves.

5) What is the most important quality for a DJ to have?

At WMPG we want our DJs to know the music they are presenting or be willing to learn and incorporate that into their program. Our DJs program their own shows so is critical to presenting a good show. We are more interested in the content of a show being developed by real people from the local community than a formulated corporate driven format and our listeners seem to appreciate this. That is why we call ourselves "Southern Maine Community Radio from USM". The breadth of knowledge that some of our DJs have is amazing.


-Tara Roberts