Adult and Higher Education

Anne Cardale

Anne Cardale

Place of employment:  Maine Senior College Network (MSCN) and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)
Title:  Director of Communications

Job description:

Anne is the director of communications for both MSCN and OLLI and assists 117 nationwide OLLI institutes and 17 Maine Senior Colleges. Anne also teaches technology courses for OLLI USM students.


Hailing from England, Anne began her career as a freelance photographer. While still in art school, she had an opportunity to teach classes and was quite surprised to learn how gratifying it was to share her knowledge with others and see them grow through the process. So began Anne’s journey into adult education. Learning about USM’s Adult and Higher Education program through a friend, she applied and was interviewed by phone. Once accepted, she made the decision to leave England and embark on a new course.

Experience in Adult and Higher Education program:

USM’s Adult and Higher Education program felt like art school to Anne, not in a technical way, but more in recognizing the art of how adults learn. “Education helps you express yourself and also calls upon your creative self,” Amme states, adding that, “Understanding your own learning while also understanding the role that our imaginations play, seems essential to self-empowerment.” USM’s program introduced her to such legendary adult educators as, John Dewey, Stephen Brookfield and Carl Rogers. She was introduced to the concept of “experiential learning” or the process whereby knowledge and transformation occur through experience. She continues her own experiential learning, and as a result of the skills and insights the program provided, she can “now pass it on to her students.”


For more information about the USM Adult and Higher Education program please contact the Office of Admissions at (207) 780-5670 or visit our homepage.