Adult and Higher Education

Christen Eaton

Christen Eaton

Place of Employment: University of Southern Maine
Title:  Academic Advisor for Education

Job Description:

Christen states that "as the Academic Advisor for Education, I provide direct advising service and support to prospective, transfer, matriculated and non-matriculated education students. I provide academic and early career planning, learning strategy support, graduation planning, and monitoring student progress toward degree completion."


When Christen decided to apply for the Adult and Higher Education program, she was an administrative assistant for the School of Education and Human Development at USM. During her Master’s degree, she became the program manager for the Professional Development Center within SEHD. She helped provide current teachers with professional development opportunities to maintain their teacher certification. After completing her degree, Christen became an Academic Advisor for Education where she gets to “Work with future teachers and get to share their successes, their failures, but most of all, their love of learning. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is truly wonderful!” Christen says. 

Experience in the Adult and Higher Education program:

Maybe it was growing up in a family of educators, but Christen always had a passion for learning. Even in the summer, she played school and if she got in trouble during class it was because she was reading. The AHE program allowed Christen to share her lifelong passion for learning with other like-minded adults. Her favorite class was Program Planning for Adult Learners and at the time she took the course she was a program manager. As Christen says, “The course reinforced my affinity for structure and gave me new tools to use in my career. ”The Adult Learner course was another course that stuck out in Christen’s mind and one that she considers transformational. She states, "The knowledge that I gained from The Adult Learner gave me the strength, determination, and confidence to make a drastic change. It was the most empowering and difficult transformation I have ever gone through. I owe this program my life, without it, I may not be here today."  


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