Adult and Higher Education

Dan Shorr

Dan Schorr

Place of employment: School of Continuing and Professional Studies at Anne Arundel Community College
Title:  Program Manager for Development and Marketing

Job description:

Dan spends at least half his time working with faculty, vendors, and organizations to develop and offer professional development in the fields of health care, social work and counseling, real estate, business, human resources, and for those seeking professional licensure, certification, or recertification. Another major part of his work is marketing. He is responsible for developing a marketing strategy for each program his department offers.


Dan and Kat Schorr, husband and wife, both worked as Program Managers at the University of Southern Maine prior to entering the Adult and Higher Education program. Dan worked in the Professional Development center, which focused on professional development for educators, school counselors, and school psychologists

Experience in the Adult and Higher Education program:

Dan changed his focus three times during the course of the program. He began the program as a way to improve his existing practice in program development and towards the middle of the program found an interest in research, and by the end was excited about teaching. “I don’t think that could have been possible in many other programs in the country. The ability to customize and explore different facets of adult education was the cornerstone of the program for me. At the beginning of the program I wouldn’t have said that was an important feature, but by the end I would have been sorely disappointed if I hadn’t had the opportunity to explore research and teaching”.


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