Adult and Higher Education

Greg Fall

Greg Fall

Place of employment:  Private Consulting Company and USM
Title: Private Consultant and Professor

Job description:

Since graduating with his Masters in Adult and Higher Education Greg has taught an undergraduate course at USM entitled, “Choices, Changes, and Careers” and a graduate-level one in career development. In addition, Greg chose to grow his private consulting practice in order to enjoy more autonomy, developing unique concepts to help others in career transition and in the world of work.


Greg spent many years working in the field of human resource consulting for both non-profit and for-profit organizations before he decided to obtain his Master’s in Adult and Higher Education. He recounted a few reasons that led him to the USM campus. Most importantly there was the solid reputation of the full and part-time faculty as well as the program itself. He had done his research comparing the other programs available and found the program at USM superior.

Experience in the Adult and Higher Education program:

“The relationships with and between faculty and co-learners make this one of the highest quality programs available. The program has the best professors around.” Reflecting on the most difficult part of pursuing this degree, without hesitation he stated, “Online courses, while convenient, are simply more work.” Students need to be committed to the time required. He also emphasized the crucial concept of authenticity. His advice was simple: “Commit the time to real openness, authenticity and empathy; easy in concept, much more challenging in practice.” When asked how his experience at USM influenced his career Greg’s animated response was, “It complimented my professional practice, helping to provide greater context. It also affirmed my interest in teaching at the university level.” He also offered that his learning at USM “Allowed him to better understand the concepts he was already practicing by providing him with a connection to theory.”


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