Adult and Higher Education

HRD 685: CAS Completion Project in Adult Learning

Course Description. Students will undertake a major project of their own design as a final requirement for completion of the certificate of advanced study in adult learning. Students will participate in a support seminar and will make a formal presentation to an audience of program peers, faculty, colleagues, family and friends. There are four options for projects: (1) field-based study, (2) public policy initiative, (3) publishable theory paper, or (4) personal learning curriculum for adults.

Support Seminar. All students taking HRD 698-Directed Study, HRD 699-Independent Study, HRD 687-Internship, or HRD 685-CAS Completion Project in Adult Learning participate in an online support seminar that meets five times during the semester for the purpose of providing a regular group context within which to discuss progress, problems, and related issues associated with learning in these field-based and self-directed learning courses.

Each member of the support seminar will be asked to provide regular updates of her/his work. Occasionally, didactic sessions may be offered on areas of common interest to members and common readings will frame some discussions.

Dates for the support seminar are set in advance, typically five sessions are held each semester, although more may be appropriate depending on the nature of the group. One-on-one meetings between the participants and faculty supervisor are also strongly encouraged.

Proposal Form. Prior to registration, a Proposal Form must be approved by the student's advisor, the course instructor, and the department chairperson. When students preregister for this course the proposal must be approved prior to the first class meeting. The approved proposal will be placed in the individual's department file, with one copy provided to the course instructor.

Click here for a copy of the HCE 685 Proposal Form (pdf) and Proposal Guidelines (pdf).