Adult and Higher Education

Judi Brewer


Judi Brewer

Place of Employment:  University of Southern Maine
Title:  Academic Advisor

Job Description:

Judi states that she "advises students through academic and early career planning, learning strategy support, graduation planning, and monitoring student progress towards degree completion." She also "serves as the primary contact for students from matriculation through junior status and is a resource for students through graduation for both undergraduate and graduate students."


Judi loved working directly with students, but her former job was slowly pulling her away from that opportunity. When she thought about ways she could reestablish that connection with students, advising seemed like a good fit. In order to get an advising job, it was clear that she would need to attain her Master’s degree. She looked at many programs that would allow her to use her tuition benefit, but it wasn’t until she checked out the Adult and Higher Education program at USM that she knew she had found the best match.

As Judi says, “I really liked the fact that there was a lot of freedom with my electives that allowed me to focus on advising and counseling.”

Experience in the Adult and Higher Education program:

Spoken like a true adult learner, Judi states that “For the first time I truly felt like I was where I was supposed to be. Don’t get me wrong, there were times when I asked myself, ‘what are you doing?’ but in the end it was all worth it.” As adult learners, we typically are juggling multiple things, maybe too many things at one time, but Judi said she was quickly able to figure out how to best use her time. She also felt a strong sense of community which is a common comment amongst students in USM’s AHE program.

Judi’s favorite course was College Mental Health and she feels it should be a requirement for all AHE students. She said that “the topics we discussed and the guest speakers he brought in to talk with us really helped us to understand that we do not have to have all of the answers. We just have to know where to go to get the student the resources that they need.”

Judi also appreciated the Adult Learner course because she found it therapeutic and helpful to reflect on her prior educational experiences. A statement that Judi made that speaks to the power of this course was, “I would even say that I learned more about myself in that one class than in my whole adulthood.”


For more information about the USM Adult and Higher Education program please contact the Office of Admissions at (207) 780-5670 or visit our homepage.