Adult and Higher Education

Scott Cook

Scott Cook

Place of employment:  Southern Maine Community College (SMCC)
Title:  Chair of Emergency Medical Services Department

Job Description:

As chair of the Emergency Medical Services Department of SMCC, Scott Cook works with other clinical and faculty members in the design and delivery of 20 courses in the EMS program curriculum. He has just completed his first year in this full-time faculty position.


Scott’s undergraduate degree is in Applied Science with a minor in Behavioral Science. He was previously a paramedic in the Waterville area, and taught courses for the public as well as for the hospital, such as the American Heart Association's CPR/First Aid classes, EMT continuing education, and community health classes. As the same time, Scott was also working at SMCC as an adjunct instructor. 

Experience in the Adult and Higher Education program:

It wasn’t until he was in USM’s Adult and Higher Education program that Scott realized he wanted to move toward teaching. The wide-open freedom of AHE classes gave Scott the opportunity to explore and get comfortable with self-directed learning. Mike Brady and Karen Day were very supportive and influential during Scott’s program. Mike offered new perspectives and “opened doors to explore new pathways, and Karen pushed when I needed it,” especially in The Adult Learner course. The nature of the program’s framework meant Scott needed to develop organizational skills, which were key to become more comfortable with self-directed learning. “The Adult Education program provided the resources and tools to learn how to facilitate and understand adult learners,“ Scott says. He counts the Facilitating Adult Learning course, and a presentation by Stephen Brookfield among the influential learning experiences during his degree program that guided him to his current career


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