Academic Courses

The following courses are designed to help students develop skills to be a successful university student.

LAC 188

The focus of the course is on self, learning and career exploration and the critical role of personal decision making in identifying and pursuing strengths, interests, and areas for growth.  Students will learn to understand their own decision making process and the factors that influence that process.  Course activities will include assessments of self, assessments of interest, and explorations of academic life and career.  This course provides students with the opportunity and tools for taking enhanced control of their academic learning process.  Throughout the course, students will be introduced to resources and support systems to help maximize the University experience and create an intentional career path.  This is a 3-credit course used as elective credit toward graduation.

MAT 9 Developmental Mathematics

A review of fundamental topics of arithmetic needed for a study of algebra. This course will cover the following topics: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions; use of decimals and percent; estimation; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of real numbers; exponents; order of arithmetic operations; distributive property; combining like terms; substitution to evaluate expressions and formulas; grouping symbols; addition and multiplication principle; equations with fractions; formulas; sets; writing and graphing inequalities; solving inequalities and problem solving. Successful completion of an exit exam at a C level or higher is required. Credit earned in MAT 9 does not apply or accumulate toward any degree program at the University of Southern Maine. It does carry "institutional" credit which means the credits count towards financial aid, athletic or residential requirements, but not towards graduation.