Advising and Selecting Your Courses

Special Note for Newly Admitted Students
All new degree-seeking USM students are required to attend a 90-minute one-on-one Advising and Course Selection (ACS) Appointment. Information about how to schedule your ACS is emailed to your email account 1 business day after their Enrollment Deposit is processed. For more information, please review or email


Advising for Current Students:
Your Advising session depends largely on you and your individual needs.  While showing up to your advising appointment is a good start, you've got to do more. You need to know what you should take and what you shouldn't. Being prepared when you meet with your advisor is the first step toward solidifying a great schedule. These resources, policies, and “How To” guides will help you get the most out of your advising experience.

  1. Student Admitted With Conditions/GO Program
  2. USM CORE classes
  3. Majors
  4. Making & Preparing for Appointments
    1. Preparing for the Advising Appointment
    2. How to Schedule an Advising Appointment for Current Students
    3. How to Schedule an Advising Appointment for Newly Admitted Students
  5. How to Search for Classes
  6. Making Your Wishlist
  7. How to Add and Drop a Course
  8. Policies To Know
  9. Prior Approval Form
  10. Advising Network
  11. Overview of USM's Dual Advising