Opportunities to Complement your Degree

A degree is a great start toward achieving life goals, but it's good to do work outside of the classroom, too. These are some things to consider.

USM Enactus Team

While it's important to get work done in class, there are many opportunities at USM to go beyond the confines of the classroom and expand your skill-sets and experiences. There is no better avenue to these resources than your own academic advisor. Many of these extra-curricular activities are paid for in part by your fees – put that money to work for YOU. Get involved in one of the 40+ Student Organizations at USM and add to your life and resume. Some majors even have clubs specific to their area of study. These groups are ideal for getting to know your peers and making key contacts.

Get Involved PinStudent Involvement

There are a variety of ways students can become involved in the USM community.

Getting involved on and off campus is an excellent opportunity for students develop and improve their personal and professional skills as well as become connected.

Husky Pups Academic Peer Advising

Academic Peer Advising at the University of Southern Maine is a nationally recognized program.  Academic Peer Advisors are advanced students who work closely with faculty and professional mentors in developing connections and opportunities for students.  In addition to working with their mentors, Academic Peer Advisors participate in an intensive training program and take a course.

Career Career Development at USM 

At USM we offer career services in an integrative format across the university. A centralized virtual website is designed to help navigate students through your career development and the faculty and staff who are available to help in this process.  The career decision-making wheel can help guide the process and the links on the right to access the various services and departments available on each "spoke." The career development process, like the wheel, is not linear, and so revisiting one or more "spokes" is very common as students learn about themselves, and explore career and occupational prospects available.

Student Success Center Advisors have completed Career Development training programs in Global Career Development Facilitator, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and Strong Interest Inventory, which are beneficial to students interested in exploring various career paths.

International GlobeInternational Programs 

Study opportunities are available at over 200 universities throughout the world.  Students interested in

applying for an international student exchange must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be highly motivated successful students.
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 2.5, however, a 3.0 is required for many programs.
  • Have completed a minimum of 24 USM degree credits prior to their departure.
  • Do not need to be fluent in another language to study away.
  • Students can study for 3 weeks during the summer, one semester or for the entire year.

 Credits earned through International Exchange will be listed on a USM transcript as "transfer credits" and

Although the grades will be listed, these credits will not be factored into the student’s cumulative GPA.

Super Intern Internships, Cooperative Education, & Career Placement

The Office of Internships and Career Placement (OICP)  works with Faculty and Employers to connect students to internships, jobs, and experiential education. OICP provides career skill building programming and resources. 

Internships and co-ops are self-directed learning experiences based on the requirements of specific jobs that will allow each student to transfer academic knowledge and skills into competencies required for successful careers. Each student is expected to take control of the learning experience and manage the learning process. The self-directed experience develops critical management abilities such as decision-making, time management, and scheduling, in addition to developing technical job related competencies.

OICP can help with the following:

  • Find or prepare for an internship
  • Develop professional skills like interviewing and networking
  • Connect to on campus recruitment while in school
  • Prepare for employment or graduate school after graduation

The Department of Technology offers opportunities for both cooperative education and internship experiences.