Academic Policies and Procedures to Know

Working together, individuals, colleges/ schools, and the University form an overarching set of policies that dictate the day-to-day happenings at school. It is important to know these policies and put them to work.

Policies and procedures may be different for undergraduates and graduates – so be sure to use the correct catalog. Some of the following policies and procedures require forms or additional information. In those cases, links are provided.

USM Academic Catalogs

There is no more important document than the Academic Catalog. It’s the road map of your education. Find out how to use it effectively and stay on top of things.

USM's Academic Catalog may seem intimidating and ominous, but it's ultimately an agreement between you and the University. Always be aware of your effective catalog edition as it will be your primary source of major and University-related requirements. For academic policies and procedures, be sure to check the most recent catalogs because they'll reflect the changes you'll need to know.

You'll be dealing with academic policies throughout your career at USM – get to know them. By becoming comfortable with major and university requirements and other policies, there will be no surprises when you apply for graduation and you can become your own advocate!


UNDERGRADUATE Academic Policies and Procedures

GRADUATE Academic Policies and Procedures