What Does Advising Mean for You?

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Advising is more than course registration. Here are the goals of academic advising at USM. 



Part of USM's overall mission is to supply you with top-notch advising opportunities because:

  • Advising is a partnership of teaching and learning.

  • Advising is a recursive process.

  • Advising is a changing relationship.

  • Advising is creating community.

Advising is a partnership of teaching and learning:

Working together toward a common goal, you and your advisor will learn and grow together. Over time, both students and advisors:

  • learn more about themselves

  • increase and deepen their knowledge of their institution

  • have an opportunity to see themselves, their courses, their discipline, and their institution from each other's perspective

  • establish meaningful partnerships with others who have or are developing expertise in the same field of study

  • clarify and work toward achievement of academic and professional goals

Advising is a recursive process:

Using USM's academic policies and resources, your advisor will help you create an effective path through college and into the career and life you envision. Your advisor will:

  • review basic University academic policies and procedures with you

  • describe resources and services available on campus for you

  • suggest ways you can prepare for and anticipate critical events that may occur in your academic life

Advising is a changing relationship:

  • Your relationship with your advisor will likely change with time. Early in your career you may rely on your advisor to acclimate yourself with university practices. But, typically you will find that advisors offer more than just administrative advice. They can be mentors and key sources of career and subject specific information and advice.

Advising is creating community:

  • Advisors will refer you to a nexus of opportunities on-and-off campus. These opportunities link together and form an extensive community. Whether it's working on a literary journal, volunteering, being involved in academic research, or a student group, advisors help you discover experiences that add to your resume and better your life

You'll become aware of:

You and all USM students are at the center of academic advising efforts. The commitment to assist students in reaching their educational goals is the foundation of our mission:

Goals of Academic Advising:

  • To affirm the quality and integrity of USM and its degree programs

  • To support your experience as a student from first contact through graduation

  • To enhance and support your classroom experience while maintaining confidentiality

  • To develop an intentional partnership with you where advisors are accessible and knowledgeable, using their expertise to guide and facilitate your educational and life decision-making processes, and where you – the student – share increasing responsibility in the advising process

  • To offer a collective, collaborative process using appropriate University resources to support your ownership of your learning and success

  • To create a mutually responsive and respectful process through which your advisor and you can understand and participate in the diverse, multicultural University community to which we all belong