What is Registration?

Here are the fundamentals of registration. Since the classes you pick will lead you toward that coveted degree, it's important to know what registration is all about.

student on computerRegistration is a time when you get to blaze your path through college; it's the time to pick your classes for the following semester.

Based on accumulated credit hours (those with the most register first), registration takes place in the fall for spring classes and vice versa, while summer session follows the fall timeline for registration.

E-mails are sent out usually in October and March to alert you of the specific registration dates.

It is imperative that you are prepared for registration because, after all, it is through proper class selection that graduation becomes a reality. In order to assure the best registration experience, you should:

  • Check your MaineStreet Degree Progress Report for missing general education and major/minor requirements

  • Find out if there are any courses that need to be repeated (e.g. to improve your GPA or to satisfy a minimum grade requirement)

  • Make sure your classes balance with your life outside of school (e.g. work, internships and other obligations)

  • Update your Graduation Planner