Taming the Transfer Blues

Being a transfer student can be a worrisome time. It's difficult to know where you stand and how you're progressing. Here are some tips to ward off the anxieties of changing schools.

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Tips for Transfer Students

  1. The Official Guide. The USM Catalog is your resource for everything academic. Use it to check course descriptions and requirements.

  2. Balance it out. Balance your courses according to content. Don't get bogged down with too much writing or too much math. Diversify.

  3. Working while Studying. Any full-time student (12-15 credits) should be wary of working more than 20 hours a week – know your limits.

  4. Making the Grade. It's the expectation of the faculty that for every hour spent in class students will spend three hours outside preparing (e.g. a three credit class would warrant nine hours of studying).

  5. It Is Your University. Always be proactive. If you need help, take advantage of the resources on campus.

  6. Making Connections. Connect with your major department right away. See if there is a major student organization in which you can be involved and meet other majors.

  7. Map it out. Use the Graduation Planner to guide your path through college.

  8. Document. Keep tabs on all of your paperwork and keep a journal of your interactions. If you get a waiver or substitution, stuff it in a notebook so you'll have a record.

  9. Meet With Your Advisor. Meet with your advisor within your first few weeks on campus. Your advisor will be a conduit to all of your needs while you're on campus