Advisor PASSPort


Providing helpful and useful advice to students about their academic and professional plans is one of USM's most important responsibilities. Those members of the USM community involved in this critical academic support process come from all over the University:

  • Faculty Academic Advisors
  • Professional Academic Advisors
  • Minor Advisors
  • TRiO Advisors

Being knowledgeable and accurate is essential in building trust with students who depend on the advice they receive as they make decisions that affect their futures both at USM and after they graduate. Academic advisors at USM partner with students to help them make informed decisions that lead to academic, personal, and professional success.

Academic advisors can earn a certificate after completing the self-paced modules by logging into Blackboard. These modules were developed by a University-wide committee of faculty and professional academic advisors from all the schools and colleges at USM. For instructions to enroll click here.

Advising Modules: PDF