Choosing Your Major

Choosing a major is an exploration process that will engage you and advisor in a continuous dialogue. You will be actively intentional in exploring and identifying goals leading toward academic and personal achievements.


You and your advisor have an exchange of ideas, life experiences, information and observation that influence, affect, or initiate a path of exploration of self, academic and career options, and life opportunities.


You take an active role in various activities over a period of time to identify your areas of interests, values, abilities, academic and career options.


You and your advisor examine how the achieved knowledge coincides with your interests, abilities, personal beliefs and values.


You will actively explore your interests, abilities, personal beliefs and values in order to construct logical and realistic short and long term goals.


You implement your chosen plan of action and evaluate its relevancy to your personal and professional commitment(s).

What is your Advisor’s role in your Major Exploration process?

  • Your advisor asks questions to help you start exploring self, academic and career options and life opportunities.

  • Your advisor helps you follow the timeline and set-up appointments for reflection.

  • Your advisor assists you in identifying themes, strengths and struggles realized during the discovery process connecting them to potential academic pursuits.

  • Your advisor identifies resources and contacts. Assists you in making connections with resources and discusses how said resources will complement your plan.

  • Your advisor will follow up periodically to assess your progress and provide assistance and engage you in the exploration process where appropriate.

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Transferable Skills

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