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Cover Letters

The purpose of your cover letter, when combined with your resume, is to obtain an interview. Similar to the resume, the cover letter may be your first or only opportunity to make an impression on a prospective employer. A well written cover letter demonstrates how you are a good fit for the company you're applying to and communicates the value you can bring to the employer. Let the Student Success Center help you produce a winning cover letter.

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The purpose of a resume is to communicate your qualifications and accomplishments to a potential employer. Think of your resume as a way of promoting yourself. Your objective is to emphasize the experience and skills required by an employer. The Student Success Center is here to help you create, update and/or polish your resume.

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Accomplishment Statements

Statements about things you have done in your past that gives you pride and a sense of satisfaction. Use these accomplishment statements in resumes, cover letters, and interviews to give prospective employers an idea of the kinds of skills you possess, and the context in which you have used them.  

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