Degree Planning 2017-18

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These pages include links to the web page, requirement list, checksheet, academic map, and Major 2 Career sheets for each major. Note that links to each of these options may not be available or used by particular majors. If available, they have been included.

The Academic Map is a suggested plan toward your ultimate graduation. Course sequencing in your personal plan may vary depending upon course availability, full or part time status, transfer credits, or other details. It is recommended you use these graduation planners as a guide and use the Blank Academic Map to create your own unique graduation plan.

It is strongly recommended you review your graduation plan with your advisor each semester and check to see if courses in your planner will be offered when you plan for them.  Every best effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this tool.  The Academic Catalog documents the official requirements.

Download a Blank Academic Map below

Academic Map

Academic Map Long Version (with up to 11 lines per semester)