Planning Your USM Degree

Graduation Cap

Utilize this site to plan your degree experience through graduation. Your path to success is assisted by knowing your course sequence. And how your major and educational opportunities relate to your personal and professional goals.

Degree Planning materials may include resources for each degree option such as a list of Requirements for the major, Academic Map, Checksheets and Career 2 Major Sheets.

  • Degree Plans:  2019-2020 Catalog Year - Coming Soon!
  • Degree Plans:  2018-2019 Catalog Year 
  • Degree Plans:  2017-2018 Catalog Year
  • Degree Plans:  2016-2017 Catalog Year
  • Degree Plans:  2015-2016 Catalog Year
  • Degree Plans:  2014-2015 Catalog Year
  • Archived Degree Plans:  2009-2014 Catalog Years