Janis Albright

Academic Advisor
Janis Albright (Pronunciation: JAN-niss ALL-brīt)

Office Location

137 Luther Bonney Hall, Portland


207-780-4040 / Direct 207-780-5727


Advisees may make appointments with Janis at

Janis Albright is originally from Pottstown, PA. She began working for the University of Southern Maine in 2005. She is the liaison with College of Nursing and Health Professions and the Prior Learning Assessment Office. She attended University of New Hampshire, receiving her B.S. degree in Environmental Conservation and M.S. degree in Education from University of Michigan. In her spare time she enjoys doing outdoor activities, dog performance events, and textile arts. She has a passion for protecting the environment, especially endangered species.

Janis pronounces her name:  JAN-niss ALL-brīt