Personal Exploration

Student Success offers assessments that can help you develop and understand your career goals. In all cases it is important you work with a Student Success Advisor who can guide you through the different assessment options.

Below you will see an assortment of some of the inventories available to you here at USM. No one inventory will be right for everyone. It is important you talk with an advisor about your options, where you are in your career search, and discuss which of the inventories may be helpful to you as you move forward.

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator® is an assessment based upon the theories first published by Carl Jung. The inventory helps us understand how we take in information, get energized, make decisions and organize our world. It can be very useful for students, particularly those who are exploring careers and who work in teams and want to better understand how different personalities help balance each other.

  • The Strong Interest Inventory helps you to think about your career interests. There are six categories of interests, but most of us are drawn to only 2 (maybe 3). A Student Success Advisor can help you to understand what your 2 primary career interests mean, as well as how to use some of the websites available to us to sort through occupations that may feel like a good fit to you!

  • Motivated Skills is a fun and visual way to quickly identify not only what you like to do, but what you are good at. This assessment informs students during their career exploration. Motivated Skills can be done with a Student Success Advisor at any time.

If you are interested in learning more about these assessments, please contact a Student Success Center near you.


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