Student Spotlight - FRS 180: Academic Self Management

"What I have learned from our previous classes is that there is a method to becoming the student I want to be. Everything we talked about in class is precious information to someone like me. I need to work all aspects of learning. I feel that a lot of my problems lie in that I have always had A "Faulty Beliefs" about my ability to learn and achieve."

"When we talked about test taking strategies in class, a few things caught my attention. I think I was drawn to these things because I tend to do a lot of them when I take tests. I realized after our class the next day that I had let myself fall into poor test taking behaviors. I had started to panic and then I let anxiety take over my mind so there was no room for me to think about what I was looking at."

"Last week in class two things stood out in my mind: self-efficacy and reading the right stuff. During the lecture in ASM I made sure to write down the different strategies I would try to use during the week. I had a very productive week. I also feel like I can be a good self-advocate."

"I have learned in this class many strategies thus far. A key point in which I have learned is to look at my old study strategies and other academic strategies, try to understand why they didn’t work and change it. I really feel as though Academic Self-Management has helped a lot. I have really been putting to use the skills I have learned. I am almost surprised at myself as to how much better I am doing this semester."

"I really learned a lot from the reading techniques and was surprised about some of the information I learned. I am glad that [this course] was offered to me because I think I would have been stubborn and not enrolled in it on my own will. I find it very useful. It helps me reach personal goals and gives me the little extra boost that I needed. I want to show my parents how well I can do. I want to make them proud and myself at the same time."

"I found what was talked about in class regarding the brain to be very interesting. I really think that what was taught about the brain's memory is very helpful to me. I often forget things very easily, but now I have been given ways to exercise my memory."

"Last week coming into the Academic Self Management class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. So far I have learned quite a few strategies to help myself in the future. In my opinion, this class is going to take me a long way. Already, I see a change in my attitude towards schoolwork because of ASM. I want to come out of this class and be able to take any course and pass it because of the work accomplished."