Student Spotlight - HRD 110: Choices, Changes, and Careers

"I have learned a lot in this class.  I know what I want to do for a career now.  If I wouldn’t have taken this class, I would not have done the interview with the radiation therapist.  I learned that when my life changes so do certain aspects of my life such as goals and values.  My personal values have made me realize the kind of person I want to be.  I feel this is a person that has the ability to do whatever I want in life."

"I learned in this class that it is okay to be yourself.  I learned that asking for help is okay.  If I had not taken this class I would never have gone to the counseling center.  I was scared to think about what I might have to face on my own.  I have known for a long time that my life was not fine and that I could not keep things kept inside.  By talking with a counselor and taking this class I have come to accept myself for who I am.  I also know where I want to be later in life; I can now put all of my efforts into achieving my goals."

"One thing that I learned from this course that I didn’t know about myself before was the MBTI code.  This was one of my favorite parts of the courses.  I have always had a strong personality and it has always been different from all of my friends.  I have never been able to explain why I like to get things done on time and in an orderly fashion, or why I am as outgoing as I am and why I would rather be outside being active than sitting inside not doing much at all.  The letters explain everything that I am and everything that I like to do or the way I like to do things.  It has been very helpful understanding this about myself and makes sense to me and now I have a way of making it make sense to others.

The MBTI explains every aspect of your personality in some way in each of the four categories.  I will use this information when I decide on a career for myself, when I decide on classes to take, and even when I decide on what jobs I will apply for between now and graduation.  Knowing what kind of personality I have and what will suit my needs and wants really helps and makes me feel better knowing there’s a reason for everything I do."

"This semester I walked into HRD 110 with the goal of learning everything about myself that I didn’t already know.  I was convinced that this was how I was going to pick a major and I would be happy for the rest of my life with this chosen career field.  I did learn my learning style, MBTI, and Holland code.  These were tests made to help me that I never even heard before.

But what I learned that has really stuck with me is what I learned about my classmates.  In most college classes, the teacher does all of the talking and you never learn anything about your classmates.  In this class I was able to see not only the way I learned things best but how there are so many different ways to learn because everyone is so different.  I feel like I learned more about the human mind and how other people work and since I am a social person this will benefit me.  I made some friendships in the classroom that I hope will remain for the rest of my years at USM."

"When I first signed up for this class, I was kind of pessimistic about it.  I thought to myself, why am I going to spend money on a class about careers, choices and changes, when I feel that I have most of it all figured out?  I think this is common with many people.  Often times we don’t try things because we feel we have it all figured out.  In reality we don’t have it all figured out!  Or we don’t always see all of our options."

 "What I took away from this course is to look at my options.  By looking at my options I have become more of a planner; which is something that I needed to do in my life.  I tend to do things spur of the moment.  I used to have the mind set that I never needed to plan in advance because everything will work out just fine.  Since this class, I feel that I can look at my personality type and see that the way I make my choices.  The way I usually make my choices is not always a bad way but there are other ways to make choices too.  By becoming more aware of the way I approach life will help me in the long run.  So, in conclusion, this class was very beneficial after all!!"