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Preparing For Your Appointment 00:58

A significant component of the advising experience is preparation. It's always good to call your advisor and find out what can be done. Check out this video to see what the preparation process is like.

Establish a Student & Academic Advisor Partnership 00:32

The advising appointment is about more than class selection. It's important to talk with your advisor about how everything is going. This video demonstrates how that conversation may sound.

Plan Year Around 00:49

It's easy to forget, but education transcends the traditional school years. Because of this, it's a good idea to talk with your advisor about making your summer productive. Watch this video to get some ideas about your own summer.

Keep an Eye on the Finish Line 00:40

Everyone wants to graduate in a timely manner. This video will show you how to effectively communicate with your advisor about what it takes to achieve your degree.

Help Others Get Involved 00:57

It's important to digest what you've discussed with your advisor and to get your friends involved in their own advising process. This video demonstrates how students can impact each other through positive reinforcement.

Study Away 01:20

If you've ever thought of taking your education on the road, here's a video with the information you need about USM's study away programs.

From Start to Finish 03:57

Many things go into a successful advising session. Here's a complete look at what it takes to make advising an effective partnership.

First Appointment 05:45

The following video is an example of how a first appointment could proceed. Please keep in mind that due to time constraints this brief video does not include the very important aspect of getting to know the student. As we know it is important to spend time asking questions that begin to establish the relationship focused on developing the advising partnership.

Being a Successful Student 02:51

Students share how to be a successful student using study skills, decision making, and time management. Created by students for students.