Alumni & Community

The University of Southern Maine (USM) is an institution at the heart of our community, dedicated to transforming lives. We create meaningful opportunities for community engagement and lifelong learning in collaboration with our community partners. For more than a century, we have provided an education that responds to the economic, health, and civic needs of the Southern Maine region.


USM has a strong alumni network

USM's 52k+ Alumni Network

USM alumni are shaping the fabric of Maine as teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, planners, nurses, social workers, and innovators, as well as mentors and career advisors for our students. With a network of more than 52,000 people living and working in Maine and in all corners of the world, Alumni are helping to create a brighter, stronger future for our region and beyond.

A Corporate Partners breakfast with students

A University Strengthened by Corporate Partnerships

USM Corporate Partners include over 350 business people from nearly 60 companies, who are committed to USM's vital role in building and sustaining a vibrant community. USM Corporate Partners was formed in 1989 to develop and support partnerships between the business sector and the University of Southern Maine.

Research at USM

Research and Scholarship at USM

USM supports faculty and student research, scholarship, and creative endeavors that promote knowledge and creative solutions to advance Maine's economy, communities, and quality of life. Research strengthens classroom education and provides real-world learning opportunities for our students, while supporting the scholarly accomplishments of USM faculty and staff.

Professional Development at USM

Professional Development Programs

USM provides a wide spectrum of in-depth training programs, including certificate programs, workshops, and test preparation courses of high value to the southern Maine workforce. Our programs enable students to advance their careers, explore new career directions, and bring new skills to the workplace.

USM by the Numbers

52k+ USM alumni
71% alumni live & work in Maine
314k+ hours of community service, valued at $4.3m+
1850+ students in internships