American and New England Studies

Internship Guidelines

The internship course is designed in cooperation with a variety of cultural institutions in New England. The internship is limited to those students with exceptional records in the program who are pursuing a concentration in either the 36 hour track, or in Public Culture and History. In general, students must have taken at least 15 hours of course work before entering into an internship agreement.

Internships are meant to improve or introduce students to various skills necessary to the running and operating of museums and other venues of "public" culture and history; to improve overall student knowledge concerning the function, place and politics of cultural institutions in contemporary society; and to hone critical skills. Internships are not to be confused with docent positions, clerical work, or other kinds of volunteer labor.

  1. Students who wish to sign up for internship credit must first:
    1. complete ANE 600 Creating New England I and ANE 610 Creating New England II,
    2. notify the director of ANES at least one semester before the planned internship and begin the process of designing and arranging your internship,
    3. submit to the Curriculum Committee a detailed plan (worked out with either the Director or with a faculty member in conjunction with the appropriate institution) that outlines the duties, responsibilities and focus of the internship. What do you hope to learn? What skills do you intend to hone? How will this project integrate with your overall course of study? Who will be your supervisor (include telephone numbers, etc.)? Unless otherwise indicated, the ANES director will act as the student's internship advisor. Typically internships are for 10 hours a week for a 15 week semester and may include a small stipend. Upon the approval of the director and the Curriculum Committee, students will then sign up for ANE 687.

    Deadlines: For Spring internships proposals must be in to the Curriculum Committee by no later than November 1. For internships planned for the summer, the deadline for proposals is March 1. If you are planning to work as an intern during Fall semester, the deadline for submission is April 1.

  2. Upon completion of the internship, students must submit a written report (8-10 pages) that details their work and how it relates to contemporary issues and specific scholarly concerns. The report must make use of scholarly work in the field and demonstrate an advanced understanding of the issues involved and how this particular cultural institution "works" in relation to them. A short one-page letter from the on-site supervisor must be on file before grades will be submitted.
  3. Partial List of Approved internships:
    • Maine Historical Society
    • Portland Museum of Art
    • Old York Historical Society
    • Pejepscot Historical Society
    • Portland Trails
    • Lowell National Park Service
    • Special Collections

    Internships may be arranged with other institutions and organizations but only after they are first explored and approved by the ANES faculty. Contact your Advisor, or the Director for details about available internships.


  • Spring: November 1
  • Summer: March 1
  • Fall: April 1