American and New England Studies


Kitsch; American Studies
Students from Donna Cassidy's course on Visual Culture in Twentieth Century America will present at Thinking Matters on Friday, April 25th.
Peyton Place Cover; American Studies
Professor Ardis Cameron's letter "'Peyton Place' Revisited" in New York Times Book Review
American Studies
Kent Ryden presented at American Folklore Society Conference in October.
American Studies Joe Conforti
Distinguished Professor of American and New England Studies Joe Conforti gives his first talk in Maine about his recently published memoir, Another City Upon a Hill at the Maine Historical Society on October 17, 2013 at 7:00pm.
Working of Nature and Culture in Northeast at Maine American Studies
ANES Program Director Kent Ryden gives talk on The Working of Nature and Culture in Northeast at Maine Audubon Society
American Studies
Anatole Brown shared the online exhibit he created as a final project for the Museums and Public Culture class.
Ethelind Wright's discovery is featured on "Arctic Visions" blog.
Matt Powers '05 will begin his new post on May 1.
American Studies
Students studying Art and New England Culture toured the artist's studio on April 1.
American Studies
American and New England Studies student Susannah Clark has been accepted as the 2013 Horticulture Intern at Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
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