American and New England Studies

Preparation and Submission of a Master's Thesis

The following guidelines are intended to assist students in the preparation of theses, to establish a University-wide consistency of form, and to ensure high standards of quality. Students are responsible for submitting theses that adhere to general University requirements. Students should prepare their manuscripts, including all documentation, in accordance with the ANES Guide to Citation Forms in this handbook.

Paper Quality

The original copy of the thesis must be on 8½" x 11" bond paper of at least 20 pound weight containing 25% or more rag content.


All copies of the thesis must be produced with text that is dark enough and clear enough to be easily readable. If a word processor is used, the manuscript must be the product of a letter quality printer or its equivalent. If xerographic copies are made, they must be of acceptable quality.

The thesis must be double-spaced throughout, with the exception of quotations, footnotes, illustrations, bibliographies and appendices which may be single spaced.


The final copy must be clean and neat without visible corrections. Correction fluid and tape are not acceptable.


The margins of the thesis must be at least 1.5 inches from the left edge of the paper and at least one inch from the other three edges, leaving a maximum typing area of 5.75" x 9".

Required/Optional Items and Arrangement of the Thesis

The final copy of the thesis must include certain items; other items are optional. Items should be arranged in the order listed below:

  1. Title Page (required, see sample)
  2. Final Approval Form (required, see sample)
  3. Acknowledgments (optional)
  1. Preface (optional)
  2. Abstract (required)
  3. Table of Contents (required)
  4. List of Tables (required)
  5. List of Figures (required)
  6. Text of Thesis (required)
  7. Appendix(ces) (optional)
  8. References (required)


A thesis contains two sets of numbers. The preliminary pages (items 1-8 of the thesis) should be numbered consecutively in small Roman numerals. The title page should be considered "i" but should not be numbered. Beginning with the text, all pages must be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals (items 9-11 of the thesis).

Illustrations and Inserted Material

Graphs, diagrams, photographs and other material included in a thesis must be on paper that meets the specifications described above. While photocopies of graphs, diagrams and similar illustrations are permitted, xerographic copies of photographs are not acceptable.

Copies and Binding

Three copies of the thesis, ready for binding, must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Affairs. All students are required to use the binding service provided through the library. Students must submit payment for binding only in the form of a check or money order. After receiving the thesis copies and fees, the graduation certificate form will be processed by the Office of Graduate Affairs.

Additional American and New England Studies Policies

  1. Students should prepare the manuscript for a thesis or project in accordance with the ANES Guide to Citation Forms in this handbook.
  2. The preceding University policies also generally apply to the preparation of project reports.
  3. If a word processor is used, students should submit a disk copy of the thesis or project in addition to the three (3) copies for binding.
  4. If students have only the project or thesis to finish, they may still participate in graduation. Diplomas will be mailed when work is complete.