American and New England Studies

Registration Information

Matriculated ANES students register for courses via MaineStreet (see more detailed instructions below). Spring 2015 registration begins November 10, 2014. In advance of this date, students receive information for the current semester with a list of courses being offered and instructions for registering.

Nonmatriculated students may register for courses with the approval of the ANES Director. The registration period for nonmatriculated students begins about two weeks after that for matriculated students. Spring 2015 registration for nonmatriculated students begins December 1, 2014. Nonmatriculated students may take up to six credits (two courses) before they formally enter the program.

For more information about registration, see the website of the USM Registrar's Office.

How to Register

Please consult with your advisor in person or by telephone. Remember that advising and personal contact with students is an important part of our program. By-and-large, students do not put enough demands on us as advisors, perhaps feeling that we are too busy with teaching, research, and other commitments. We highly value the advising process and strongly encourage you to contact your faculty advisor not only during registration time but during other points in the academic year.

As you make your way through the program, we encourage you to use the ANES Student Handbook which is available on the ANES web site. The Student Handbook contains useful information, including requirements and options within the program, references, citation formats, a research guide, guidelines for internships, reading and research, exit papers and thesis/project guidelines.

Do not register for ANE 685: Reading and Research without first consulting with the Director. Remember, too, that internships are by permission only and must be arranged in the semester prior to your internship. We have an application form and specific deadlines for all Internship Proposals. To obtain a copy of the internship guidelines see the ANES web site in the Student Handbook. Both Reading and Research and Internships must be reviewed and approved by the ANES Curriculum Committee. ANE 687: Internship will be graded on a pass/fail basis.

Also, please note that students who have completed their course work and have signed up for the last three credits of thesis or project but have not completed their thesis or project are now required to sign up for GRS 601: Graduate Studies. This will provide students with access to the library and to the computer center. It will also ensure that you receive important information from the University and the Registrar. There is a nominal cost based on student fees which varies each semester, but unless students are registered they have no status as students and therefore do not have access to University facilities. However, even if you do not need to use University facilities, it is required that you register for GRS 601. Again, this is only for students who are continuing research and writing on a thesis or project and have an "I" in ANE 690 or ANE 695.

MaineStreet Registration

Registration for matriculated students is done in MaineStreet. You will need to have your MaineStreet ID and password. This is the same ID and password you would use to log into Blackboard. If you do not remember your password, please contact the Help Desk at 207-780-4029. If you need assistance with registering for classes in MaineStreet, please give ANES a call at 207-780-4920 and the Administrative Specialist will assist you.

Important: Please register early to insure you get into your desired course. You do not have to pay for courses when you pre-register. You will be billed later. The University will consider closing classes that do not have sufficient seats filled in pre-registration, so please pre-register.

ANES Non-Matriculated Special Students

If you are a non-matriculated student and wish to take an ANES course, you must first contact the Director for special permission, or the faculty member whose course you are interested in taking. Contact the ANES office at 780-4920 to obtain a Registration Worksheet, signed by the Director, which is your permission to register. You cannot register by phone, but must take the form in person to Advising and Academic Resources, 119 Payson Smith Hall, Portland Campus, or the Registrar's Office, 113 Corthell Hall, Gorham Campus.