American and New England Studies

Summer Course Offerings

Summer 2013 Course Offerings

ANE 599 Movie-Made New England

5/13/13-6/5/13, Mon. and Wed., 5:30P-8:15P, A. Cameron

This course will explore the relationship between films and New England identity. Students will explore the early movie industry in the region, including the development of audiences, picture houses, and movie stars like Bette Davis, as well as focus on particular Hollywood films that gave national shape to the region’s ethnic, sexual, and racial identity. Films include Way Down East, Lost Boundaries, The Last Hurrah, Voyager, Peyton Place, and The Bostonians. Note: The class will meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings, with film viewings at home on Tuesdays. 

ANE 650 Cultural History of 19th-Century Portland

7/1/13-8/14/13, Mon. and Wed., 4:00P-6:45P, E. Shettleworth (State Historian)

Shaped by an advantageous geographical location which inspired a vigorous maritime and rail based economy, 19th-century Portland became a major New England city. The community’s economic success supported a flourishing cultural life distinguished for its architecture, art, sculpture, and literature. This seven-week course will consist of seven lectures and discussions on the architecture, art, sculpture, photography, and literature of 19th-century Portland. These classroom sessions will be complemented by seven field visits to the Wadsworth-Longfellow House, McLellan-Sweat House, Victoria Mansion, the Maine Historical Society, the Portland Museum of Art, the Portland Public Library, and the Osher Map Library.

ANE 685 Reading and Research

Open to advanced students with exceptional records in the program, this course offers opportunities for reading and research under the direction of a faculty member. The approval of the ANES Curriculum Committee is required. This course may be taken only once.

ANE 687 Internship

Open to qualified students with exceptional records in the program; required for students in the Public Culture and History track. Internships are by application to the ANES Curriculum Committee. Participating organizations include: Portland Museum of Art, Old York Historical Society, Pejepscot Historical Society, and Maine Historical Society.

ANE 690 Project

Completion of a two-semester project that may be an independent project or that may combine independent study and work in a historical society, a museum, a cultural organization, or other public or private institution. In consultation with an advisor, the student defines and develops the project in relation to his or her particular interest in American and New England Studies.

ANE 695 Thesis

The product of original research, the thesis should embody an interdisciplinary combination of approaches and/or materials.