University of Southern Maine Arboretum

A Special Thank You

The Rhododendron Garden was completed with the generous support and creative spirit of the following individuals and organizations.


Joe B. Parks and his daughters Kathryn Parks Forbes and Anne Parks

Jessica Barilone

Jeff O'Donal

Robert Bertram

Rob Sanford

Cynthia Carroll

Theresa Theodose

Mark Faunce

Betsy Uhuad

Jerry Goodall

Landmarcs, Inc.

Larry Holman

Maine Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society

Barry Hosmer, ASLA

Maine Landscape and Nursery Association

Tyler Kidder

O'Donal's Nurseries

Richard Lasonde, M.D.

Peter D. Pinkham Excavating

Debe Loughlin

Swenson Granite Works

Jeff McKay

University of Southern Maine Department of Facilities Management


Sculptures in the Garden

Gloves created by Joe B. Parks

Yellow Lady Slipper by Christopher Phyllis, 1994

Trillium Grandiflorum by Christopher Phyllis, 1992