University of Southern Maine Army ROTC

ROTC Graduates

ROTC Graduates

Graduate as a Leader

When a Cadet earns their degree, they also earn their commission into the United States Army, whether it be in the Active, Reserve, or National Guard. As such our graduates have gone on to become some of the best leaders in Maine, as well as the Nation.


Class of 2013

John Cushing - Active Duty, Signal Corps. 

Andrew Doyle - Active duty, Chemical Corps.

Mike Green - Reserves, Quartermaster Corps.

Sarah Oliver  - National Guard, Engineer Corps.


Class of 2012

Justin Mohn - National Guard, Engineer. 

Gary Chapman - Active duty, Military Police.

Mike Stansfield - National Guard, Medical Service Corps.

Joe Lanham - Active duty, Aviation.

Kody Peckham - National Guard, Engineer.

Jon Lyon - Reserves, Engineer.


If you are an alumni of the program please contact us with your name and commissioning date so we can begin posting alumni information.