USM Art Department

USM Art Department

Course Planning & Advising

Courses that are offered on a regular basis are listed with their descriptions at our Course List.  To see the frequency of when courses are taught please see our Course Offering Plan.

Below are charts of the 2019 semester schedules to assist in planning, advising, and enrolling.




The Art Department's Academic Advisor is Emma Roose.


For Declaring or Changing your Concentration and/or MAJOR click here for the appropriate form.

For Declaring or Changing a MINOR click here for the appropriate form.

For Declaring or Dropping a TEACHER EDUCATION PATHWAY click here for the appropriate form.  (Send completed form to Kimberly Warren at for her signature and processing.)

When requesting admission into a course where the prerequisite course(s) have not been taken, a Waiver Form must first be filled out and signed by both the course instructor and the Department Chair.

For all other Registration Forms click here.


Students nearing the completion of their degree are encouraged to Apply for Graduation so they may receive an official degree audit.  Click here for directions on applying to graduate.


Additional Informational Resources:

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