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Andrea Sulzer Exhibition, Once Removed, Opens at Mauer Zilioli Contemporary Arts in Germany

Andrea Sulzer Once Removed

Part-time Lecturer of Art, Andrea Sulzer, opens her exhibition Once Removed at Mauer Zilioli Contemporary Arts, Munich, Germany, on Friday September 14th.  The Exhibition will run through November 4th.

Drawing and graphics are with Andrea Sulzer at the center. Like other artists of this gallery the confrontation collagierendem process, a kind of simulation or continuation of the classical concept of collage plays with a kind of a central role and takes as a manifested in the factory aesthetic discussion of historical premises and perception patterns shape. Fragmented sketches that could be caused by a concrete object thoroughly, brought directly on paper or sewn paper, then mounted on wood, cut into pieces, reassembled, dented, crumpled and plastically expanding, floating and yet complex composed the fabric of works arise.

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