USM Art Department

Art Faculty Exhibition: new works by 20 Faculty members Opens Jan. 31 at USM Art Gallery.

Jan Piribeck

We are pleased to present work in a dizzying array of media by our outstanding full and part-time art faculty: Kimberly Bentley, Susan Colburn-Motta, Chris Cooper, Raphael DiLuzio, James Flahaven, Rebecca Goodale, Mary Hart, Kaitlyn Hunter, Lars Jerlach, Lin Lisberger, Mary Ledue-Bell, Jen McDermott, Ashely Norman, Damir Porobic, Jan Piribeck, David Schnieder, Alex Sax, Michael Shaughnessy, Rachel Somerville,  Nathan Stevens, and Andrea Sulzer.

USM Art Gallery, Gorham campus, January 31-March 3, 2019. Opening Reception: Thursday, January 31, 5-7 pm. Artist talks start at 5:30 pm.

Image Above: Study for Qajaq Journey by Jan Piribeck

Image Below: Detail of Osteoporosis Sandwich by Lin Lisberger.

Lin Lisberger

Image Below: Improvosation #5 by Mary Hart

Mary Hart