USM Art Department

Boundless Possibilities: USM Book Arts in the Lewis Gallery at Portland Public Library

John Wilson's

In an age where most people buy mass-produced books at chain stores [or download and read on an electronic device], one would think the days of holding and opening a hand-bound book are over. Except, of course, for a growing contingent of book artists who create works of art as limited edition, hand-printed books or unique handmade volumes. An art form that reaches back to medieval bookbinding and letterpress tradition and forward to installation art and novel constructions, book arts cover a wide spectrum.

In the exhibit, The University of Southern Maine presents an array of artists’ books from current students in Rebecca Goodale’s class, Art 341 The Visual Book 2: Historical Influences on Contemporary Artist’s Books; and an eclectic display of topics and book formats from artists in the Critique Group at the USM KCC’83CBA.

The Exhibition runs from March 2 - 24 in the Lewis Gallery at the Portland Public Library.

Image Above: Les Franges, John S. Wilson '17