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COVID-19 Information for Art Students

Dear Art Students,

Below is a list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) relating to the Art Department classes, studios, and department events affected by COVID-19. Please be sure to check this webpage for the most up to date Art Department information and resources on Fall 2020 classes.

We are here for you! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me- or your faculty with any questions, concerns or needs.

Take good care,






STUDENT ID’s WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ENTERING ALL GORHAM ART DEPARTMENT BUILDINGS AT ALL TIMES: Robie-Andrews Art, the Academy & Drawing Buildings, and the Print Shop.  Students will need their ID’s for building access the first day of class.  Students who are enrolled in Gorham Art classes will automatically be given card-access to the building(s) they need to enter for their class(es).  Students will have access only to buildings where they have class(es), so access to Robie-Andrews will be limited. Please be sure to bring your USM ID for accessing the Gorham Art Department Facilities, as the exterior doors will remain locked for limiting the number of people in the facilities.  Please remember to have your ID card with you each time you come to campus and/or exit the building. 


Staff Office Hours will be different this fall.  Stephen Walsh will start the semester working on Campus Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, and may switch to working remotely a day or two a week as the semester progresses.  For Studio needs contact Stephen at  Amy Hagberg will continue to work primarily remotely, with one day a week scheduled in the Art Office. Amy will continue to be available via email, Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, at  Faculty Office Hours will be Virtual this semester.  To find Faculty Office Hours and contact information please Click here for the list of all Art Faculty.


Per USM and the University of Maine System, all students, faculty, and staff members are required to wear a face covering while in the Art Department Facilities, including during all face-to-face classes and while utilizing Studio spaces after hours.  To request medical and other accommodations as required by law, contact Please note-- accommodations do not include the option of attending class in person with no face covering. Please note that plastic face shields are not sufficient face covering for in-person instruction. They may be combined with a mask, but may not be used as the sole source of face covering.

Visitors: Our campuses are currently closed to the public.


FALL 2020

Classes begin on August 31.  Classes will be offered in modalities that range from online asynchronous, online blended synchronous/asynchronous, and blended face to face/online instruction. Our outstanding faculty will continue their strong commitment to providing high-quality learning opportunities for all students, using well-established high-impact practices and implementing new practices to reach students where they are.  After Wednesday, November 25th, the day before Thanksgiving, in-person instruction will end, and the final two weeks of the semester and final exams will occur remotely as scheduled.  Students will be asked to depart residence halls no later than Wednesday, November 25th. 

In-person attendance policies for fall courses will be relaxed such that students who must isolate or quarantine can continue their learning remotely without penalty. Students can now view their final class modalities (face-to-face, online, blended) in MaineStreet.  




The 2020 ONLINE submission requirements will be identical to previous years, except for the matting requirement, which is waived this year. All works should be photographed and submitted electronically according to the Digital Submission Guidelines.

Portfolios due online Wednesday, October 28th by 4:00 PM.  Portfolio Review Friday, October 30th.



Classes will begin on January 25th.  Classes will continue to be offered in modalities that range from online asynchronous, online blended synchronous/asynchronous, and blended face to face/online instruction.  Spring semester starts a week later than ususal with no spring break.  There will be no classes on Monday, February 15th, and on Wednesday, March 24th.  Commencement will be held on Saturday, May 8th.


Spring Schedule will be published on Maine Street October 2nd.  Priority Registration for Spring Semester Starts November 2nd.



For Online Classes using ZOOM, please refer to these additional Zoom Tips & Etiquette.

All student services — from counseling to advising to research help — will continue to be offered remotely.  USM has added new, targeted student support for distance and online learning on its new AGILE website through the Learning Commons.

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots from University of Maine System campuses, schools, and libraries to ‘study from your car’



The U-Maine system has replaced it's Learning Management system, Blackboard, with Brightspace.  This change begins Fall 2020.

Click Here for more information on the new learning platform Brightspace.


The UMS agreement with Microsoft allows the MS Office package for Windows or Mac OS X to be downloaded and installed on up to five personally owned devices. You can also access Microsoft’s online, collaborative version of Office on any computer with an internet connection.  You can use your email address and password to start the installation process at Microsoft’s Office 365 portal.



With the many fall courses changing to online, and with the support of Student Government funding, the library will have many of the Fall textbooks and course materials available electronically, either as e-textbooks or as electronic reserves.  E-books must be accessed using the Library's website ( or as directed by the instructor. For those items only available in print, the library will scan chapters at the request of the instructor.  For that service or other questions, please email 

This Link to ART21 is an Excellent Resource for Videos on Contemporary Artists



With many Arts organizations and businesses currently closed, Students should contact their Faculty Advisor and the Art Department Chair to formulate an accepted ART 400, Internship in the Visual Arts, substitution for successfully completing this important degree requirement.


Click Here for a complete list of available Academic Resources at USM.



Distance is a key line of defense against the spread of infection, so Instructional, administrative and other spaces will be updated to accommodate physical distancing of six feet or more.   Handwashing will be strongly encouraged and supported with supplies and signage. Numerous hand sanitizer stations also will be visible and available inside the entrances of facilities and throughout campus facilities.  Disinfectant supplies will be available at many locations for the immediate wiping down of common spaces and places such as classroom desks and equipment by individual users.  Each student, staff, and faculty member will be asked and challenged to be a champion for keeping themselves and others safe, including commitments to science-based practices, such as wearing a face covering, monitoring your own health, avoiding unnecessary travel, and staying home when sick.  Both travel outside of Maine during the semester and university-sponsored travel will be limited. Students or employees who do leave the state at any point during the semester will be required to adhere to the public health testing or quarantine protocols in place at the time of their return.



Every student, faculty, and staff member coming to campus for the fall from non-exempt states will be required to have a negative COVID-19 test in hand when the semester begins. All USM residential students (and on-campus residential life staff) will be tested. Student testing begins next week as part of the move-in process. Additional high-risk student groups (such as athletes, ensemble participants, etc.) may also require testing. Students are being notified directly via email of their testing requirements. Any additional testing protocols for USM community members will be communicated via the President's office and will be posted on the Healthy Huskies web page.

To ensure that USM can provide support and resources to faculty, staff, and students with potential or confirmed exposure to COVID-19, the University is requesting that individuals (or a designee) complete the COVID 19 Reporting Form.

COVID-19 Campus Alert Protocol explains the scenarios under which campus members would be notified of positive cases.



USM’s residence halls are open. On-campus living will look and feel different as a function of the protocols we have developed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. There will be some additional policies in place to help prevent the spread of the virus among students, and we will develop and implement a pledge to guide our community through making good decisions to mitigate personal and community risk.  For more specific information, please see the Housing FAQ section on this website.  



Dining at USM will look very similar to how it has in the past, but initially will be set up with many prepackaged food options and limited seating capacities in campus dining locations.  For more specific information, please see the Dining Services FAQ section on this website. 



During the pandemic, USM Facilities Management (FM) custodial staff will continue to deploy enhanced cleaning strategies that include increasing the cleaning frequency of high-use areas, high-touch surfaces and restrooms. Our custodial staff primarily uses Proctor and Gamble’s Pro-Line Disinfecting Floor and Surface Cleaner II, a no-rinse cleaning and hospital-grade disinfectant. This product meets OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) requirements and is EPA registered. It also kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi, including MSRA and VRE, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV-1, Influenza A, H1N1, mold and mildew.  For more specific information, please see the Facilities Management FAQ section on this website.



The number of passengers allowed on METRO buses is currently limited to no more than 20 passengers, and all passengers are required to wear either a face mask or face covering to board and ride a Metro bus.  Riders are required to use the rear door for boarding and alighting
and expected to keep a distance of at least six feet between themselves and other riders, sitting only with passengers they are travelling with.  Click  here for the most recent Metro Bus health advisory.



For students in need here are both University and State of Maine resources:

  1. The Student Emergency Fund is available for students facing immediate financial crises, from unforeseen travel expenses and medical expenses to other financial emergencies. Award amounts typically range from $100 to $500. For more information and to fill out an online application, go to the Student Emergency Fund website.
  2. Additional assistance of limited funds is also available through the Maine General Assistance
  3. The Campus Food Pantry is here for USM Students or community members with a valid USM ID who are struggling with food insecurity.  A NEW Gorham-based Campus Food Pantry is now available for pre-order pickups in Lower Brooks on Fridays from 2-6pm. Submit the CFP online form to pre-order a bag of food for pickup in Lower Brooks on Fridays, 2pm-6pm, or in Portland at the Woodbury Campus Center on Wednesdays from 9am-12pm. You can request one per week.  Email the CFP at to let them know how else they can help.  More information is available on the Campus Food Pantry website.  (Here is a List of Other Community Food Pantries Available Throughout Maine)
  4. Maine Rental Relief Program for COVID-19.

For Students experiencing stress or adverse effects as a result of the COVID-19 virus:

A:  Please contact USM’s campus Counseling Services for information and scheduling at (207) 780-5411.  You can also dial 2-1-1 Maine for information and referral to community resources and the Statewide Intentional Warm Line at 1-866-771-9276 to talk with a trained peer support specialist who has personal experience with mental health recovery.  Additional resources that may be helpful to you:


If your family's financial situation has changed and is not accurately reflected by the 2018 tax information reported on your 2020-2021 FAFSA, you may reach out to a financial aid counselor to review your options.


POTENTIAL SUSPENSION OF CAMPUS BASED ACTIVITIES & EARLY CAMPUS CLOSURE:Should circumstances require the temporary suspension of campus-based activities, or complete campus closure, notification will be issued by the President or Public Safety. For those students enrolled in on-line classes, suspension of campus-based activities and/or campus closure does not necessarily interrupt on-line instruction, except in the case of residential students. We understand that there will be a high level of disruption for residential students, and flexibility and accommodations will be made by Faculty. For those in classes that meet on-campus, Faculty have already put plans in place for moving to remote instruction should circumstances require it before Nov. 24th.


These days, the slightest cough or sniffle can cause more concern than usual — and with good reason. Downloading and using the #CampusClear app is a good way to monitor your health and make decisions accordingly. Also, USM’s Housing and Health Services teams have developed a bulleted list of things to do if you’re experiencing one or more of the symptoms associated with COVID-19.  Other important precautions include staying home and limiting your contact with others.

Click Here for information on the Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Remember that we are all in this together. Don't forget to check the USM Homepage for information and updates around COVID-19 and USM. 


How to Get A Flu Shot at USM

The Maine CDC says getting a flu shot is especially important this year. USM recently received its supply of flu vaccine, and flu shot clinics will soon be scheduled at all three campuses. If you want your flu shot now, you can schedule an appointment in Gorham by emailing Health Services. There’s no fee for the flu shot if you produce your insurance card at the time of the appointment. (If you don’t have an insurance card, there’s a $20 fee for the flu shot.) 



"Health & Safety" by Anna Labbe

 Image Above: Drawing for ART 151, "Health & Safety", by Anna Labbe