USM Art Department

Jan Piribeck, USM Art Department Professor Emeritus, Panelist in Portland Museum of Art Virtual Event

Arctic Dream by Jan Piribeck

Sightlines and the Sea: Reflections on the Art and Science of Water (Virtual)

  • Thursday, December 2, 2021

  • 6:00 PM  7:00 PM

  • Portland Museum of Art - Virtual 

Join community representatives from a variety of scientific and artistic disciplines as they reflect on the hurricane waters captured by Clifford Ross. Panelists will share perspectives on the qualities of water, meteorology, recreation, photography, and conservation as they examine what is visible and invisible in the waves.

Included on the panel is Dave Reidmiller, the Director of the Climate Center at GMRI, Ivy Frignoca, chief advocate for Casco Bay, Jan Piribeck, artist and professor emeritus, University of Southern Maine Art Department, and John Cannon, marine program manager at the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine.

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Image Above: Still from Animation, Arctic Dream, by Jan Piribeck