USM Art Department

Painting by Peter Paolucci

PAINTING - Open Studios Fall 2020

Student work from ART 261, Introduction to Painting, ART 361, Intermediate Drawing & Painting the Figure, and ART 462, Advanced Drawing & Painting.  These three classes were taught by Hannah Barnes, instruction a blend of face-to-face and online.  An additional instructional challenge this fall due to COVID-19 restrictions was that there were no Art Life Models for students to paint and draw from in the figure class (ART 361).  The fall 2020 focus in Intermediate Painting & Drawing the Figure was on human anatomy and the human figure as subject.


ART 261, Introduction to Painting: Painting by Emily Colby


ART 361, Intermediate Drawing & Painting the Figure: Painting by Finn Lane


ART 462, Advanced Drawing & Painting: Drawing by Zach Pike