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TIME BASED ART & DESIGN - Open Studios Spring 2021

Work from students enrolled in ART 321 Exploring Time-Based Art & Design, taught blended face-to-face and online by Jan Piribeck. This course used digital media to explore creative concepts, tools and processes in time-based art and design. The focus was on broadening the concept of digital media through experimentation with interactivity and installation.


The following links are to sound compositions created in Adobe Audition by three different students:


Sound Comp Mixdown, by Matt Keith 

Matt explored the concept of building a sound composition that uses found noises, often industrial sounds, that fade in and out, loop, and call/answer each other.  


Mash by Design: A Tribute to Wobbly, by Morgan Richardson 

This piece is a tribute to the San Francisco based sound artist Wobbly, Aka Jon Leidecker. He collages and repeats music and sounds to make experimental electronic music. 


Honey School Version, by Anna Bruner

This short song about summer and youth in New England is influenced by Sigur Rós, an Icelandic band.


The following videos are examples of creating short linear narratives with video and sound:


The Newlywed Couple, by Reece Saunders

Reece Saunders arranged six 10 second video clips with sound track to make a movie that tells the story of a newlywed couple arriving at their new home.


Onerous Packing of a Rucksack, by Rachael Raymond

The movie was produced to show the daunting process of packing a rucksack for an ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) training event. 


In the following three movies, students experimented with a vertical format:


Magic Trick Shots, by Reece Saunders


The Ballby George Hart


Coffee, by Anna Bruner 


The following three pieces are videos done as final projects in ART 321:


Finalby Matt Keith 

This project explores the multifaceted nature of identity. 


Tim - The Yarn Ball, by Anna Bruner

The adventures of Tim the Yarn Ball follow a young ball who must face and overcome an obstacle using tools that he always had.


Morning Coffee, by Morgan Richardson

This piece looks into how an ordinary day can morph into something strange and unsettling within seconds.

Lord of the Flies by Morgan Richardson





Image Right:

Lord of the Flies

Digital Media

by Morgan Richardson