USM Art Department

On Display: “Under the Influence,” A Map Design Project from Prof. Mary Hart's Art 141: Surface, Space, Time—2D Design class

Anna Thach's ART 141 Map Project

This fall 2017 project was based on a PBS Series called “The Art Assignment.”  In class, students watched the segment titled Under the Influence which discussed the many ways in which our creative ideas are influenced by other artists. 

After visiting the Osher Map Library to view the current exhibit, Go Where the Map Takes You: The Intersection of Cartography and Creativity (on view until March 10, 2018), students chose one artist to be "influenced" by.  They applied materials and concepts from the 2-D design class and added mixed media elements as needed to create their own maps based on personal experience.

A sampling of student work from this project is currently on display in the central reading room on the first floor of Glickman Family Library, opposite the checkout desk.  The work will stay up until the map show is over on March 10, 2018.

The image above is by Anna Thach: Influenced by Sam Farrar

Anna worked with Farrar’s idea of faces superimposed on a real map. She asked her followers on Instagram for permission to use their faces, added a few more, and drew them all over a map of the world. Her interest was to represent the diversity of people who come from each area of the map.


Ryan Ely ART 141 Map Project

Image Above by Ryan Ely: Influenced by Sam Farrar

Ryan used a map of Portland to inspire the shape and detail of the portrait he drew on top of it. The contours of the city and coastline helped to suggest who this character would be, and colors were pulled from the map itself.


Inman ohamed's ART 141 Map Project

Image Above by Iman Mohamed: Influenced by Jeff Sheridan

Inspired by Sheridan’s use of white on black, Iman drew a delicately stippled map of the country of Djibouti, where she was born. Water bodies are highlighted, and as well as the city where she grew up.