USM Art Department

USM ART Students participate in Gulf of Maine ECOARTS project

Colorcosm II, Digital Mock-Up by USM ART Student, Carter Shappy

This project is an art/science/educational initiative that focuses on the changes in biodiversity in the Gulf of Maine due to climate change and other human impact. It was initiated by artist Anna Dibble who is collaborating with other artists, scientists, teachers and exhibition designers to implement the program.  

An ECOARTS installation will be presented September 2021, at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, East Boothbay Maine. 

During spring and fall semesters 2020, students in Professor Jan Piribeck’s Surface, Space, Time (2D Design) courses used mixed-media to interpret and fabricate plankton forms related to the ECOARTS theme. Students read about how plankton contribute to the ecosystem and viewed plankton images provided by Bigelow Lab. Additionally, they attended a presentation by ECOARTS artist and exhibition designer Carter Shappy, who will be integrating images from USM students into the work he is developing for the fall exhibition.  

Image Above: Colorcosm II, Digital Mock-Up by Carter Shappy and USM ART Students

Image Below Left: Colorcosm II Study, by Carter Shappy and USM ART Students

Image Below Right: Plankton Composition by USM ART Student

Two student Plankton Compositions

Click Here to View Plankton Interpretation Slideshow.