USM Art Department

Raphael Diluzio

Associate Professor of Digital Art and Design


Science Research Bldg,CWing,5th flr,Portland & 2nd fl Academy bldg,Gorham

Office Hours Fall 2015

P: M/T 9:30-11A, T/R 11-4:P, C-Wing, 5th fl. Science & G: F, 9:30-11A, Acad

Contact Information

Phone: 207-299-0730 please TEXT only

Raphael DiLuzio, is an Artist, Professor, Serial Creative and Director of the Ci2 SRS Learning Lab. As a practicing artist he considers himself a visulizer who works with traditonal painting, drawing, digital and interactive media, making artwork that is collected and exhibited internationally. For over 25 years he has maintained a deep interest in, and research of Creative Process Thinking. In 2013 he was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant to develop his proprietary methodology for teaching Creative Process Thinking to Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathmatics (STEM) Professors, Students and other non-Art persons which is one area of focus in his research. He teaches, Fine Art including painting, drawing and foundations as well as Desing Science and digital and time-based media.