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Curriculum Based Measurements

Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) is a form of standardized assessment of academic achievement.  CBM was developed in the 1970's by researchers at the University of Minnesota and elsewhere.  Based on initial works by Gickling and Havertape (1981) and Deno (1985), and expanded through work by Fuchs and Fuchs (1986), CBM has been shown to be highly reliable and valid for the identification and monitoring of students' instructional needs in the areas of reading, spelling, writing, and mathematics.  A number of resources for CBM information and materials exist. 

The National Center on Student Progress Monitoring  includes many useful resources about CBM.  One form of CBM materials, the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) are available for free from the official DIBELS website.  A wide range of CBM measures for all core academic areas are available for purchase from AIMSweb.  In the following table are free silent reading fluency (maze) literature-based CBM passages for students in grades 4 through 6.  These passages were created by selecting books from the American Library Association's list of recommended books for students in grades 4 through 6.  Randomly selected passages of at least 250 words in length were chosen from appropriate books and made into the reading passages.  For more information about administering and scoring, read the Silent Reading Passage Instructions (pdf).


Grade 4
Babe Didrikson Zaharias 4-3 (pdf)
Western Wind 4-8 (pdf)
Trumpet of the Swan 4-9 (pdf)
Shadow of a Bull 4-1 (pdf)
Shadow of a Bull 4-8 (pdf)
People Downstairs 4-4 (pdf)
Paintbrush and Peacepipe (pdf)
Old Yeller 4-7 (pdf)
My Side of the Mountain 4-8 (pdf)
Little House in the Big Woo (pdf)
Kidnapping Mr. Tubbs 4-7 (pdf)
Junket 4-8 (pdf)
Julie of the Wolves 4-8 (pdf)
Johnny Tremain 4-9 (pdf)
Homer Price 4-9 (pdf)
Fireweed 4-1 (pdf)
Christy and the Cat Jail 4-0 (pdf)
Children of the Wild West 4-0 (pdf)
Caddie Woodlawn 4-3 (pdf)
Borning Room 4-8 (PDF)
Grade 5
Abracadabra Kid 5-8 (pdf)
Wright Brothers 5-8 (pdf)
Willie Bea and the Time 5-4 (pdf)
Voyage 5-7 (pdf)
Thimble Summer 5-4 (pdf)
The Velveteen Rabbit 5-4 (pdf)
Shelter From the Wind 5-4 (pdf)
Runaway Stallion 5-4 (pdf)
On My Honor 5-5 (pdf)
Never Pet a Porcupine 5-4 (pdf)
Make Way for Sam Houston 5-0 (pdf)
Lincoln A Photobiography 5-0 (pdf)
Jim Ugly 5-7 (pdf)
Incredible Journey of Lewis (pdf)
Humbug Mountain 5-5 (pdf)
Gone-Away Lake 5-4 (pdf)
Double Life of Pocahontas 5-0 (pdf)
Dogsong 5-8 (pdf)
Dear Mr. Henshaw 5-5 (pdf)
Childtimes 5-2 (pdf)
Blue Cat of Castle Town 5-4 (pdf)
Birchbark House 5-4 (pdf)
Bambi 5-5 (pdf)
Grade 6
You Can't Be Timid 6-2 (pdf)
The Barn 6-0 (pdf)
Stonewall 6-0 (pdf)
Prairie Visions 6-6 (pdf)
Pirate Rock 6-4 (pdf)
One Eyed Cat 6-6 (pdf)
Middle Moffat 6-3 (pdf)
Meg and Melissa 6-3 (pdf)
Martha Stewart A Dancer’s 6-0 (pdf)
Lucas Whitaker 6-4 (pdf)
Life and Death of Crazy 6-5 (pdf)
Indian Chiefs 6-1 (pdf)
Hitty the First 100 years 6 (pdf)
Great Little Madison 6-5 (pdf)
Gentle Ben 6-0 (pdf)
Full Steam Ahead 6-8 (pdf)
Cowboys of the Wild West 6 (pdf)
Come Back Salmon 6-2 (pdf)
Call of the Wild 6-2 (pdf)
Calico Bush 6-0 (pdf)
Bull Run 6-2 (pdf)
Bandit’s Moon 6-2 (pdf)
Arthur Ashe and his 6-5 (pdf)